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The story of Scrabble is an interesting one where ex-architect Alfred Mosher Butts studied the front page of The New York Times, carrying out painstaking calculations of letter frequency, then applying higher value to the less frequent letters (eg: Qs, Xs and Zs). In 1949, just over 2,000 sets of Scrabble were made with the manufacturer losing $450 (a big deal in those days) but by the start of 1950 the brand couldn’t keep up with demand. Today, Scrabble is available in 121 countries in 29 languages, with a total of 150 million sets sold worldwide.

Now you can cosy up to the brand with new release homewares including tea towels, mugs and these cushy cushions, pictured. At $39.95 per cushion, we figured we’d start off with just one letter – ‘H’ – but it hinted at use of an illicit substance, so thought we’d buy another – ‘O’ – which made us look like we were moonlighting illegally for extra cash. Then we decided to go the full score and collect four letters to make ‘HOME’. The rest of the English alphabet is at your disposal.
Scrabble homewares are available mid-2011.

For stockists visit www.until.com.au.

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