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WIM blend gothic wonder with psychedelic pop

WIM have got themselves a national treasure: lead singer, Martin Solomon, croons with an Aussie accent that is clean, emotive and actually more refreshing than cringe-worthy. Maybe it’s the Wolfmother-esque cover art, but the band’s self-titled debut has a decidedly mystical air. The opening creaks of guitar lure the listener away from the fireplace and out into a deep, dark forest for a little melancholic meandering. Moody guitars and eerie harmonies conjure a gloomy moonlit midnight, riddled with wood nymphs and night creatures. It is deep and dark and promises so much…

But then ‘WIM’ emerges into a clearing, and stumbles into a carnival of bizarre waltzes and down-and-out clowns. The oohm-pa-pa piano and circus accordion feel as though the band is actually performing for the benefit of Mr. Kite. The album dilly-dallies here for too long before returning to the woods for a somber finale, when “the devil’s face appears again”. This is where WIM belongs: in the forest with devilish nymphs and morphing darkness. The battle between that darkness and some kind of classic pop sensibility has not quite been mastered – but ‘WIM’ is certainly an impressive debut.


‘WIM’ is available through Modular / Universal Music.

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