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Chaos in the world of White Knight Chronicles II

As soon as you begin playing this game, you realise the creators are most definitely big fans of the classic ‘World Of Warcraft’. Though it looks like your typical Japanese role-playing game, ‘White Knight Chronicles 2’ is not necessarily one for newcomers to the series. The game is based around a six-person team, of which your self-constructed avatar is an important member. You are thrown into a quick mission to get the feel of the game, and after that, are dropped into the middle of nowhere with very little instruction.

The slight tutorials are filled with arcane terminology and underlying themes that the player must know in order to understand the mission at hand. A great bonus is the option to access the first game, which is pretty much essential to complete before attempting the second chronicles. Another plus is the attention to the detail of the scenery, which is beautiful and provides a great atmosphere. If you are into traditional RPGs, this will not disappoint, but you may have to be the White Knight himself to fully understand what’s going on. Sometimes, even gaming, less is more.


‘White Knight Chronicles 2’ for PS3 is RRP $99.99 and available from EB Games stores across Australia.

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