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Will suit decadent fashion desperados to a tee…

Who says the economy is bad? ‘Designer’ Daniel J (we’re not surprised his kept his surname anonymous) questions the fuss, with the aim of selling t-shirts at 50 thousand dollars a pop under the label, 50K Tees. Um, not sure Daniel… perhaps the billion dollar path of destruction left by Ms Irene or the 3% increase in mass layoffs, just to name a few. To purchase one of the 20 black limited t-shirts housing the original design of 50 different versions of the letter ‘K’ (ha ha), one would need to willing part with $50,000 but woaaah there friend, before you get to fired up… it is at least 100% cotton (cough).

Dubbed as the world’s most expensive and collectible t-shirts, we thought we’d check out the site to see what all the fuss is about. A typical, if not droll-looking, site appears with pictures of common-looing models and scroll-down bars asking for desired limited number on shirt and size leaving us feeling like we’re deciding on the quantity of cheese while online grocery shopping, not forking out 50 big ones for a bit of cotton.

While yes, it seems big of them to donate 10% ($5,000 per tee sold) to a charity of the buyer’s choice, does it not seem more sane to skip out to K-mart and purchase a tee and a couple of sharpies, save yourself from the scroll-down bars and give a charity a well-earned break as opposed to a designer making a mint for selling the overpriced idea of exclusivity?

T-shirt from K-mart $12. Sharpie from Officeworks $4. Look on the face of the sucker who bought into this scam: priceless. 

Visit www.50ktees.com to see what all the wank is about. You’d think they’d afford more interesting looking models at the very least…

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