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Game: Tekken Hybrid

The latest instalment to the Tekken family certainly had diehard fans squirming with anticipation. The result, however, was a slither shy of success. The one Blu-ray disk contains a demo of Tekken Tag, and also a short movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Nothing can be played till they are both downloaded onto your hard drive, so go and make yourself a really big sandwich in the meantime. Or perhaps cook a roast…

After watching the interesting but painstakingly slow-at-times movie, the player’s attention immediately turns to Tekken Tag, which stirs up delicious memories of our PS2 days. The original Tekken Tag Netsu Power system carries through to this one, where your off-screen partner gets a damage boost when the on-screen characters vitality drops below a certain level. This familiarity, along with the layout and visual being almost exactly the same as the previous games, brings back a certain nostalgic warmth that every Tekken faithful can relate to. All in all, Tekken Hybrid had the potential to be something as great as its name suggests, however it doesn’t quite get there. Be prepared to feel like you need a much bigger hit at the end of it.

Platforms: PS3, Xbox, Windows PC.

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