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Whiskey brand moves into the cocktail age

Grant’s 12 Year Old Whiskey. Where to start? I guess we’ll start at the beginning of the launch night shall we? Held at the penthouse quarters at The Ivy, the place offered itself as a incomparable venue – stylish and spacious, yet warm and intimate. Canapés were floating around, but that’s not why we were there, oh no, bring on the good drop.

The hesitation of attending a hard liquor gig such as whiskey was heightened upon entering the room to a tray of glasses with only straight grog. One had to only use your peripherals to spot the bar where a friendly bunch were whipping up absolutely delightful cocktails. There was something for everyone. The ‘Grants Smash’ (pictured above) featured Peychauds bitters, Gomme and nectarine puree while showcasing the 12 year old celebrant without the hard edge of a straight shot. Next there was the ‘Grants Morning Fizz’, filled with an assortment of liquids like Absinthe, lemon juice, honey nectar, Gomme, egg whites and ginger ale, this was a lighter option for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Finally there was our particular favourite, ‘Grants and Sand’ (pictured below). What was a middle man between the bitter and the sweet, this one was served in a martini glass (so you just know this one was the real deal) accompanied with cherry liquor, Sweet Vermouth, blood orange and a delicious little cherry floating around.

For a family boasting five generations of whiskey-making, Grants certainly have got things under wraps, and for that we are thankful.


Grants 12 Year Old Whiskey is available at all good liquor outlets.

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