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Hyundai’s new Veloster impresses on all fronts

It’s a very good thing the two practically placed cup holders in the new Hyundai Veloster are deep enough to hold any beverage you’ve bought and contained so well they are unlikely to tip over. Normally cup holders don’t rate a mention in car reviews. They’re not exactly the latest invention from the geeks in the design department but they’re crucial in this case. In the Veloster they’ll hold your jumbo espresso or cappuccino or whatever coffee you drink in a super large cup and that’s important since you’ll really need that extra dose of caffeine behind the wheel just to stay awake. It’s because the ride in the Veloster is so smooth you might just doze off! The all-new Gamma 1.6-litre four-cylinder Gasoline Direct Injection engine with a six-speed double-clutch automatic transmission is so quiet you can barely hear the sound of it. The front sports bucket seats with tilt and telescopic reach and electric lumbar support are so comfortable you’ll think you’re relaxing in your favourite chair after a hard day at the office.

And caffeine hit isn’t the only option to keep you awake and alert.

Competing with real estate to hold your macchiato is the fact that when the pedal on the far right (in a cool metallic sports finish) is pushed down, the Veloster instantly delivers performance, pushing the driver back in your seat. And if that fails to jumpstart your heart, an in-dash MP3/ CD player and an AM / FM radio tuner where refined acoustics are delivered via four main speakers, a centre speaker, two tweeters; and a subwoofer all powered by an external amplifier should do the trick. It’s a hi-fi system so good it would put most nightclubs to shame.

The Veloster is a good-looking car, too. Apparently the windows have been modelled on a motorbike racing helmet. The people at company want you to decide; is it a coupe or a hatch? Whatever. The sleek rear shape of the car has a definite sports quality to it. Muscular wheel arches with strong, thick mags offer instant street cred. The rearview mirror provides a view you’d expect in a sports car but the side mirrors are deceptive. From the front they’re the normal size of wing mirrors and they don’t get a second glance but in the driver’s seat they provide a wide scope that allows you to see everything around you. Cool design does not come at the expense of practicality. The boot in the Veloster is more than enough for your holiday suitcases or a big trip to the supermarket. 

Inside you expect to find the gadgets and controls exactly where they should be just as with all modern cars that come off the high-end production line. It just seems a little easier in the Veloster. Your Bluetooth device automatically syncs your contact list and music from your iPhone and then everything is done via the car’s 7” LCD touch screen which not only allows you to make calls or scroll through your music collection but also displays important vehicle information including instant and average fuel consumption, distance to ‘empty’, journey length, average speed and elapsed time readout; as well as tyre pressure monitoring. It’s everything you would want to know while completing a fun road trip across the country. It’s all there unless you’re reversing, in which case the rear view camera automatically activates and a warning alarm and computer-imposed yellow and red lines let you know if you’re about to touch the vehicle behind.

On a final note, the Veloster is loaded with safety and support features like full length curtain air bags for every seat – and this is something you can happily take for granted. The Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist System (BAS) all sounds impressive and technical but it basically means that as the driver, you’re able to accelerate quickly but perhaps more importantly you’re able to stop quickly, too. Hit the brakes hard in this auto and you’ll inevitably feel the forces of compression, but the car will barely make a sound. It’s just further proof that this really is a very smooth ride in every way.

The Veloster is a big leap forwards compared to anything else Hyundai have delivered. It really makes you wonder what this car-making giant is going to come out with next. As far as this car goes: for the performance you get, with the level of comfort you’re offered, for the price it is being sold for, it is, in a single word- unrivalled. Make no mistake, inside and out, this is one well-engineered piece of automotive hardware.


Click on any of the fabulous colour options above to take you to the Hyundai website for a virtual tour of the Veloster!

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