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Telcos still rorting us on roaming charges

Today there are numerous amounts of services available to cut costs on holiday phone bills whilst in roaming areas, yet almost half of Australian’s are being charged excessive fees – and mobile operators are getting away with it. Says John Assiter from gosim.com, an international SIM card provider saving Australians on their mobile costs, we don’t need to be paying so much when making calls and sending texts from overseas.

Assiter comments, “It’s absurd that operators still get away with charging anything between $15 and $20 per MB for using data abroad, and in some countries making voice calls can even exceed $5 per minute.” He claims that more needs to be done to protect consumers although this protection will not come from operators, such as Telstra, where roaming could account for up to 10% of revenues.

The EU has introduced legislation, making European operators dramatically reduce their roaming costs. If this is the case in Europe, why aren’t these changes being made in Australia by the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) to help protect paying consumers?

Anyway, gosim.com suggests it can save Australian consumers up to 98% on their mobile phone costs when travelling. What are you waiting for, then? Go to www.gosim.com for more info. 

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