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New Endota Spa opens in Perth – and this one, too, is keeping the blokes content



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Us blokes don’t like to go to too much trouble when it comes to beauty upkeep and wellbeing maintenance. When we do finally cave in and book ourselves into a spa for one of countless treatments available (ie: menus that often go on for four pages – more literature without pictures than most men would care to read), we tend to opt for treatments that are short and sweet (ie: this side of an hour rather than that). That’s why many men, myself included, swear by the treatments tailored to blokes at Endota spas.

And it’s no wonder that Endota can offer something specifically for men: since opening their first spa in 2000, Endota now have spas in just about every Australian state and territory. Something must be going right. There are 64 Endota spas peppered across Australia, with the most recent having opened in Hay Street, Perth, owned and run by the lovely Georgie Wood, and giving West Australians their first taste of that special Endota experience. It was here that I booked myself in for a typical ‘bloke’ treatment and, boy, did they fit a lot of therapy in, in exactly one hour.

After a soothing ‘Billabong’ foot bath that left my tootsies tingling with joy, the beauty therapist prepared me for a no-fuss-but-very-effective organic skin facial. In between applications of cleanser, exfoliant, toner and moisturiser, hot towels were placed over the face, lending full steam effect. Also in between, I was treated to a scalp and foot massage, left feeling relaxed from head to toe. In fact, I’m going to be honest; I’d had a heavy one the night before and after this particular Endota treatment, I actually dozed off! It took a tap on the toes by my lovely therapist to awaken me, but the blissful vibe lasted for the rest of the afternoon.

If you have more time on your hands to be spoilt, Endota’s muscle-melting menu also includes remedial, relaxation, Hawaiian, hot-stone, aromatherapy and sports massages. You simply need to pick one and the therapist will get to work. Oh, and there’s even a ‘Handsome Lad’ treatment that includes a flash facial (see, not too much fuss), brow wax, express manicure and half-hour remedial massage.

Guys, do yourself a favour, if you’re not into the fuss and frills of your average day spa but feel you deserve to treat yourself to a little relaxation, book yourself in for one of the efficiently devised treatments at Endota spa. And, again, with 64 spas situated around the country, you’re sure to find one that’s close to your place of work or play.


The newest Endota Spa is situated Level 1, 856 Hay Street, Perth. Bookings, pricing and enquiries on (08) 6181 9858. Or visit www.endota.com.au for more information.

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