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New Hot Chip album aimed at the heart, and the heart of the dance floor

Soulful vocals, electronica bliss, diverse percussions, rhythmic chants and addictive basslines are just some of the unique musical features laced throughout Hot Chip’s fifth album In Our Heads. The modest yet jubilant longplayer is intended to be playful and not burdened by unnecessary fuss or showiness. Joe Goddard, vocalist, keyboardist (well, synths) and percussionist says, “I don’t want to listen to a band that’s caught up in their hang-ups and problems”, emphasising that the LP is aimed at the heart of the individual and the heart of the dance floor.

To fit the theme of “joyful and alive” as Goddard puts it, the albums opens with Motion Sickness, a track that modulates one step ahead of the listener with every four-bar loop as the vibrant use of layers and an interesting combination of instruments keeps the listener hooked. A celebration of the joy of life itself continues with How Do You Do as smooth layers of vocals stretch over sharp percussion. Similarly, These Chains feature elongated notes in vocal contrasting with short notes throughout the backing track. A typical Hot Chip touch.

All up, In Our Heads has the perfect mixture of electronics and live instrumentation, creating a fresh medium for Alexis’ hyper-soulful vocals to jump about the way they do best.


In Our Heads is out now through Domino.

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