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A rad Britpop and indie music compilation

I remember in my Uni days, going out clubbing four nights a week, and there was this one regular dive bar I’d frequent on a Wednesday night called Limbo where they’d play retro late Eighties and early Nineties indie music – mostly from Britain.

When I tuned in to the compilation Queeny Rocks The Party, it was overwhelming the way so many of those club memories sprang back to mind, hearing gems again like Happy Mondays’ Loose Fit, Pulp’s Common People, Stereo MCs’ Connected and Primal Scream’s Loaded (especially that last one).

For anyone that truly appreciates that tongue-in-cheek, often leftist, sensibility that went hand in hand with Britpop and the indie scene of the last two decades of the 20th Century, Queen Rocks The Party is a necessary addition to the music collection.

Also featured are tracks by Elastica, Stereophonics, Inner City, Transvision Vamp, The Stone Roses, Fine Young Cannibals, Suede, Joy Division and their later incarnation, New Order. Oh, and for a somewhat more modernist bent, there are also tunes by Lily Allen, The Wombats, Kaiser Chiefs and The Streets.

Featuring Her Royal Highness on the cover, fiddling on a pair of decks, this one’s got radical written all over it. And what better time to tune into some classic Britpop than as the London Olympics are about to start?


Queeny Rocks The Party is out through ABC Music / Universal Music.

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