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So you’ve collected an array of hardcover books to lay out on your coffee table and now you have so many, the space has been cluttered and your precious aesthetics have been shattered? Want to reintroduce minimalism in the home and still boast a strong sense of varied style? Then invest in this gorgeous tome, The Stylemakers: Minimalism and Classic Modernism 1915-1945 by style aficionado, Mo Amelia Teitelbaum.

The book strips design back to the bare minimum and most practical, focusing on three key interior decorators and style-meisters.

First up is ‘The Lady from Chile’, Eugenia Errázuriz, who adopted France as her home and was famous for taking Louis XVI furnishings and eliminating the gauche element of them while maintaining their pragmatic design.

Next up is 1920s Parisian interior decorator, Jean-Michel Frank. Frank insisted on sparsely furnished interiors and the perfect finish of walls, even admitting to borrowing style tips from the aforementioned Eugenia.

And finally is Ignacio Pirovano, famous for founding the COMTE company which became the major producer of the classic-modernist furniture and accessories designs of Jean-Michel Frank.

In short, The Stylemakers reveals insight into the minds and clever décor decisions of three very stylish interior practitioners, and while it oozes stripped-back couture in spades, still it ought to be a necessary handbook for all those wannabe decorators on today’s TV renovation shows.


The Stylemakers: Minimalism and Classic Modernism 1915-1945 is published through Philip wilson Publishers and available through Palgrave Macmillan. Look for it in quality bookstores or reputable online sites like Amazon.

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