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Madonna cancels Australian tour; confuses fans; upsets radio

It was never really official, anyways, what with venues and dates flippantly banded about, and nothing set in concrete, but it’s now been confirmed that Madonna won’t be including Australia on her world tour itinerary.

Live Nation confirmed the news today but failed to include any particular reason.

This would have been Madonna’s first Australian tour since 1993, and the decision not to go ahead with it follows a lot of negative publicity of late. Last month, the artist shocked critics by flashing a swastika across the forehead of French National Front leader Marie Le Pen, and on her own. She’s since flashed her breasts in Istanbul, has made derogatory, if subtly pessimistic, comments about peer Lady Gaga, and is currently being sued for supposed copyright violation of samples used in her ancient hit song Vogue, and has a Sydney artist, RJ Williams, contemplating suing her for use of a logo on her fragrance Truth Or Dare that resembles his own.

In what looks like an aim to soft-sell to radio, that all-important medium relied on for omnipresence and hopefully record sales, Madonna’s latest single release is Turn Up The Radio off her album MDNA. The song itself is catchy enough, but we’re not sure about the video: one minute she’s hating all the attention from fans; the next she’s gyrating for their attention in a sporty convertible.

Ironically, some radio stations are blacklisting Madonna’s music as a message of their dissatisfaction with the artist’s decision. Manduarah radio station Coast FM, for example, asked listeners on their Facebook page, “Should we stop playing Madonna?”, with station music director Mark Leonard ultimately deleting her from the station’s playlist after feedback revealed a resounding ‘yes’.

Says Leonard, “Cancelling three times in the last 20 years is extremely disappointing. It would seem as though Madonna doesn’t care about her Australian fans, so we’ve taken the decision to ban her from the Coast FM playlist.”



Clicking the image above will take you to the video of Turn Up The Radio.

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