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Interview with Jes Hudak

Having shared the stage with Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw and Tonic, singer Jes Hudak is getting ready for a promotional tour down under. Gemma Maddox chats with the gal about her new album and pending promo visit.


Your song Another Day has over 55,000 views on Youtube. Can you tell us about the meaning behind the song?

The way the song came about was kind of cosmic. An actress friend of mine that I knew from New York, Brea Cola, was in an independent film called Broken, about homelessness – a true story, actually, about the writer and the director. They called me up and I watched a rough cut of the film, then just sat at the piano it pretty much all just came out.


We’ve recently seen a contestant on The Voice Australia sing your song Different Worlds.

The whole experience of Different Worlds has been crazy. All of a sudden I was getting these messages on Facebook and whatnot. Someone tweeted me that someone on the Australian Voice was singing Different Worlds and that Keith Urban [was judging] and I wask, like, ‘Oh my god, Keith Urban just said my name! My name was, like, in his mouth!’ It was just crazy to me.

Different Worlds is also the name of your new album. What we’d expect from it?

Having this whole record is just something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I had an EP – National Holiday – out here in the States, but the new album contains some really special songs. I just recorded at home in my closet and had a friend mix them and put those on the record.


What genre would you classify the LP?

I just like to call it positive / upbeat.


You’re doing a promo tour for the record in November?

Yes, I’m putting together a little tour for November and have a date in Sydney for it, but am hoping to get more dates. Hopefully even do some more interviews and come and meet you in person!


Finally, away from the music, I read that you like gluten-free Mexican food. What’s your favourite Mex food?

Tacos are just the best: good and crunchy none of that smoochy stuff.


The album Different Worlds will be released in November.

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