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Interview with Sam Bentley of The Paper Kites

Melbourne-based indie band The Paper Kites released their EP Young North earlier last month on iTunes. The latest rack from it A Maker Of My Time has had an impressive 50,000 views on it within the first three weeks. Add this to the fact that their track Featherstone was played in the final episode of the eighth season of Grey’s Anatomy, and news that the boys are currently working on a full LP to be released next year, plus are currently touring right across Oz this month, and things are looking very exciting for The Paper Kites indeed…

Gemma Maddox interviews frontman Sam Bentley.


Did you except the clip for your song A Maker Of My Time would receive over 50,000 views on Youtube in a matter of weeks?

I think when you put a song out there you never really have any idea of how it’s gonna go. We sort of just put songs out there that we and other people like too. But to see the interest is really exciting.


Can you tell us a bit about the meaning behind the clip?

The video was shot in an unusual way. We’ve never done a video in one take before and I’ve always wanted to do one. We went out to a place 20 minutes west of Mildura [in Victoria] that I discovered on Google Maps, and we just did a bit of exploring. It was quite unusual because we’ve never met the dancer that we used in the video. He was a fellow from Zimbabwe that we just found along the way and he’d never done dancing before.


The Young North EP was released earlier this month. Tell us a bit about that.

It was initially an EP that wasn’t meant to happen. We had plans to just go straight into an album but were talked into doing another EP. We had so many songs to choose from – over 30 songs just sitting there. We feel like we’re working our sound out a little more now; it’s nice to bring everyone up to speed with what we’ve been working on. I mean since Woodland was released, I think everyone sort of had this impression that we were like this ‘forest folk band’ so we wanted to move away from that stuff. I think Young North has given us freedom to do that.


What’s your favourite song from the EP?

Paints is really good for me. Everyone seems to have a soft spot for that one. Even a lot of people outside the band – its the track they’ve been enjoying the most. I think because it’s pretty raw.



Is there any artist you’d like to collaborate with?
I don’t know. There are a lot of many great artists out there, but I’m terrible at that question.


The Paper Kites are currently touring nationally. What are your shows like?

We feel like we’re getting ourselves together and really finding a bit of a groove on stage and feeling more comfortable. In the past we’ve struggled a bit on the the live front just because we have so many instruments and it’s really hard to make smooth transmissions between songs. But we’ve worked really hard on this tour, and have taken a lot of the songs on the road for the first time.


What’s your favourite thing about touring?

I enjoy the family aspect of tour. You form a real family with everyone: the band, the crew, managers. I really like going out together, having dinners and talking. And we like to go out bowling together for some reason…


Bowling? I love it. Hey, who would your celeb crush be?

Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s like a fine wine getting better with age. I saw her in something recently and thought, ‘Golly, she’s a babe’.


The Paper Kites’ ‘Young North’ EP is available through iTunes.

The band have only the Melbourne leg of their tour left to go.

Dates and venues are:


Thursday 01 November         

Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

(Tickets: www.corner.ticketscout.com.au)


Friday 02 November            

Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC (Sold Out)


Saturday 03 November            

Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC

(Tickets: www.tickets.oztix.com.au)



Sunday 04 November          

Ding Dong Lounge (all-ages gig), Melbourne VIC

(Tickets: www.tickets.oztix.com.au)


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