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New Prada fragrance lives up to its name

Often when a fragrance comes across our desk, it’s accompanied by a press release that throws out all sorts of intangible descriptions about the product: “it connotes the temperate grasslands of an Emily Brontë novel” or some such toss. Rarely do we read a release whose words stand true once we’ve sprayed a little of the eau de toilette on. Once, I remember reading about a Donna Karan fragrance for men inspired by the ash of cigarettes mixed with the scent of quality leather and – voila – it did indeed bring these things to mind when I wore it, feeling rock’n’roll ready to show it off.

Alas, Prada’s Luna Rossa Pour Homme is another fragrance whose accompanying adjectives actually do spring to mind when spritzed on. The perfurme’s name itself, while paying homage to the original Prada sailing boat, is Italian for Red Moon and there is indeed something rare and mystical about the scent. It’s masculine thanks to a woody amber signature, but not musky like most blokes’ fragrances can be. Instead an intriguing blend of lavender, bitter orange, clary sage and spearmint blend well to help the wearer think of leisurely spring and summer time activities like being out on a boat, catching a light game of sport, or just getting romantic with a lover under a uniquely hued moon.

Nine out of ten and one guys should be asking for this Christmas.


The Prada Luna Rossa range includes 50ml EDT (RRP $92), 100ml EDT ($124), 125ml aftershave lotion ($89), 200ml shower gel ($52), and 150ml deodorant ($52). Available from quality perfumery outlets. In February 2013, a 150ml EDT will be available, RRP $155.

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