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At least 27 dead after another horrific US school massacre

At least 27 people are dead after a horrific shooting massacre in a school – Sandy Hook Elementary – in Connecticut at around 8.30pm WST last night (9.30am Friday, US time).

Included in the death toll are the gunman’s mother, the principal, 22 fellow students, and the school psychologist. The villain, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, has also been found dead – of a self-inflicted gunshot wound – in what appears to be one of the worst massacres in recent years.

It seems there was an altercation between the gunman and his principal moments prior, but authorities suspect that since the gunman had been equipped with a bullet-proof vest and plenty of ammunition, the shoot-out appears to have been planned.

Though the primary shooter is dead, it is suspected there was a second gunman on the scene who remains at large.

President Obama has already given a speech to the nation, acknowledging that “we have already witnessed too many of these tragedies in recent years [and] been through this too many times – whether it’s been a shopping mall in Oregon, a temple in Wisconsin, a movie theatre in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago”.

Critics are calling it one of the worst massacres in recent history and calls are being made for stricter gun laws. In the US alone there are an average of 90 firearms available per 100 people.


Pictured, below, an illustration of gunman Adam Lanza.

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