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Jay Z signs Kylie

It’s happened once before: when Kylie Minogue signed to a very credible record label after years of crass, over-done, try-hard commercial releases. It was back in 1994 and a young Minogue had moved to the then-cred dance label Deconstruction. And although her records sold less under the fresh brand, the praise from the critics – which counted most at that time – was high, high, high.

Now Kylie’s been signed by one of the most laudible music labels in the biz today – Jay Z’s Roc Nation. The label tweeted last Thursday: “Welcome Kylie Minogue To The Roc Nation Family” (capital first letter per word apparently imperative), with Minogue adding: “Kisses from my new home rocnation”.

Roc Nation is home to some major chart acts including Rita Ora, Alexis Jordan, Sugababes and of course, Jay Z himself. Whether or not Kylie will be injecting a bit of her saccharine self into the tougher-than-thou connoting stable, or if it instead will make her music “dirtier” is worth waiting to discover. That the label has taken on some Aussie “talent” is good enough for us. For now…

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