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New 'Creation's from Lindt

You know, Lindt is one of those brands whose packaging is so pretty, you just want to keep it on your pantry shelf for good. But of course you can’t. The product will eventually expire. And who on earth can resist the temptation of indulging in one of the world’s most delicious chocolates?

Put it this way, I had a big Lindt Golden Bunny given to me for Easter and it was sitting in my pantry up until just the other day. Then, once opened, I ate the entire thing, ears first, in one sitting. Talk about extremes.

Well, chocolate lovers, get ready for something new from the world-renowned confectionary brand. Lindt has just released its ‘Creation’ range: an indulgent selection of dessert-inspired bars, arriving in varied textures and tastes.

Heavenly Crème Brûlée, for example, sees a caramelised, crisp sugar crust enveloped over a creamy vanilla centre and enrobed in extra-fine milk chocolate. It’s mouth-watering just typing this description… Velvety Vanilla Almond sees the finest vanilla truffle filling, sprinkled liberally with crunchy pieces of roasted almonds and layered it with golden caramel, then covered with Lindt milk chocolate… And for lovers of dark chocolate, there’s Sumptuous Orange which combines sweet and zesty orange pieces with velvety dark chocolate.

Try stopping at one piece.

Lindt Creation bars are available in quality supermarkets and chocolate stores.

For more information visit www.lindt.com.

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