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Cartoon comedy for little and big kids alike

Animated films are not what they used to be. Once upon a time, they were the stuff of fairytales: all sweet as pie, save for the odd poison apple thrown into the mix. Now, the main ingredient for a successful animated film (read: franchise) is irony – and plenty of it.

Despicable Me 2 is even more loaded with facetious humour than its predecessor, and it seems the sharp tongues are not reserved merely for the main characters. Even the ‘Minions’ get to deliver cutting repartee. In fact, dig deeper into a discourse that sounds like gibberish on first impression, and you’ll realise the writers of the sequel have cultivated a clever ‘multicultural’ tactic for their Minion-speak. Listen carefully, and you’ll note the cross-lingual dialogue isn’t too far removed from even Anthony Burgess’ droog-speak in A Clockwork Orange.

From that dystopian sub-text to this one, DM2 is still very much a story of good-versus-evil, only our protagonist Gru is now opting more for the former – especially with three adopted kids to look after. Yes, he’s gone all sensitive daddy-style until, that is, he gets hired by an Anti Villain League to sniff out some new bad guys.

But while DM2 is packed with clever sarcasm and wit to boot, there’s also a solid amount of slapstick, which kind of throws audiences back into basic comedy mode. Oh well, it is a cartoon movie, after all, and I suppose there’s got to be something inane for the littler kids to laugh it. 


Despicable Me 2 hits cinemas June 20.

Click here to view the trailer.


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