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An insane amount of cabaret on at The Maj

Oh, how we do love a bit of cabaret, from the burlesque to the camp, so we’re happy to announce that Perth will be treated to a variety of the good stuff in Cabaret Soirée, hosted downstairs at the Maj (ie: His Majesty’s Theatre) from August 15 to October 5.

Whether you’re up for something serious and jazzy-like, or into the more humorous aspects of cabaret, it’s all up for grabs here.

Already pencilled into our calendar is Neurotic Ladyland, starring Christa Hughes (pictured above) who’ll be presenting a musical melodrama blurring the lines between madness and brilliance. Christa will take on the personae of several insane Hollywood characters including Norma Desmond (of Sunset Boulevard), Baby Jane Hudson (Whatever Happened To Baby Jane), and Little Edie Beale (Grey Gardens – ask your gay friends!).

Speaking of women on the verge, Madonna is being tributed to by singer and pianist Michael Griffiths who’ll be sorting through Madge’s discography to lend a lot of the Queen of Controversy’s songs a sense of justice. Griffiths will be sharing anecdotes about Ms M’s career, perhaps even parodying a few ditties.

And we’ve put a big fat highlighter mark across Ethel Sings (pictured below). This show will star Australia’s favourite polyester-clad goggle-eyed battle-axe Ethel Chop who’ll charm her way through a jam-packed variety of tunes from Bowie’s fabulous Fashion to Ottawa’s cheesy Agadoo.

For camp shenanigans, you can’t go past Cabaret Soirée. Oh, and for more of the ‘serious’ stuff on the schedule, check out the other shows on offer at www.hismajestystheatre.com.au.

For tickets to shows in Cabaret Soirée phone 1300 795 012 or purchase from His Majesty’s box office or Ticketek.


Image credits:

Christa Hughes (top) by  Kelly-Ann Denton.

Ethel Chop (above) by James Penlidis.

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