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Uma Thurman adds an even more glamorous touch to the Campari brand

The star of Uma Thurman brings various connotations to mind. The kookiness of her bob-haired Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction; gun-slinging Emma Peel in The Avengers; sword-yielding heroine Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill; even her poshness corrupted as Cecile in Dangerous Liaisons. But always there’s a sense of innate glamour.

So for universal beverage brand Campari to pick Thurman as its calendar star for 2014 is very much a common-sense decision.

The theme for next year’s calendar is ‘Worldwide Celebrations’ with each month focusing on a unique festival from various cultures around the globe. Uma is depicted, in effect, as a kind of ambassador for nations from all corners of the globe, while also giving the good drink a decent plug (dressed head-to-toe in matching Campari red for the most part).

Says Uma, “To be a part of such a globally-renowned project for an iconic worldwide brand is a pleasure. I particularly admire the theme this year as I am able to share a worldwide journey of discovery, passion and style with Campari lovers around the globe.”

The photographs have been captured by Koto Bolofo whose powerful portraits and innovative fashion shoots have appeared in many a glamorous magazine and who has created campaigns for luxury brands including Louis Vuitton and Dior.

To see last year’s Capari Calendar that featured Penelope Cruz, visit www.campari.com. As for the rest of the stunning visuals of Uma, you’ll have to wait a little longer but enjoy our sneak peek here.

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