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Help Mr & Mrs Smith decide on the best hotels in the world

 Boutique accommodation booking service Mr & Mrs Smith specialise in suggesting the world’ most inspiring hotels for ardent travellers, but they also appreciate the wisdom of fellow hotel connoisseurs – like your good selves!

For the first time, Mr & Mrs Smith is putting the hotels in their 900+ curated collection head-to-head in 12 innovative award categories including ‘The Greatest Outdoors’, ‘Above and Beyond Service’, and even ‘The Sexiest Bedroom in the World’.

The inaugural awards mark Smith’s 10-year anniversary while also celebrating the growth of the boutique hotel movement.

The hotel-loving public can help shortlist the best hotels by voting in each of the categories. But there’s not long to go. From now until October 9 you can log on at www.smithhotelawards.com/2013 to have your say.

All voters will go into the draw to win a five-night stay at the property awarded Best Smith Hotel 2013 – not a bad result for sharing your opinion. So let them know where it’s at, people!


Pictured: top of story, Song Saa Resort in the Koh Rong Islands, Cambodia (in the category for ‘Best Bed’) and below, Crosby Street Hotel NYC (nominated for ‘Best Bar’).

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