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Perth’s own edition of the classic board game Monopoly hits shop shelves soon, created ahead of other Australian capital versions (Melbourne released an edition in 2007 but this was charity-related and ultimately discontinued).

So, why Perth ahead of the rest? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the world’s most isolated city is also the fastest-growing city in Australia and the nation’s strongest performing capital, thanks in no small part to a booming resources industry.

Call us die-hard yuppies, but a Monopoly board to call our very own simply makes sense.

Still, it’s not as though high-end streets in posh suburbs like Peppermint Grove and Dalkeith made it onto the board to replace ye olde London addresses of Pall Mall and Mayfair. Rather, the game’s manufacturer Hasbro and its licensee Winning Moves decided it best to keep things, well, generic.

“We wanted to avoid all contentiousness of putting posh and low-branded places on there,” said Reid Herbert of Winning Moves. “With a Monopoly board of a regional character we wanted to have all forms of Perth life, whether it’s beach, shopping, the arts, entertainment, or eating out. Basically, we just wanted a great, fun board.”

When prompted about the branding that appears on the board – including bold logos for Westpac, ITP and MIX 94.5 – Herbert was surprisingly up-front:

“At the end of the day this is all a commercial exercise. It cost a lot of money for us to get it going, and unfortunately without [the big brands’] help we couldn’t have made Perth Monopoly come to fruition.”

Check out the list of what did make it onto the board and see if, like us, you think the likes of Karrinyup Shopping Centre and Enex 100 just may have chipped in a little dosh for the sake of ‘fruition’, too. 


Monopoly: Perth Edition will be available in good toy stores in time for the big Christmas shop.



(figure in brackets denotes value in Monopoly money)

The Browns: Council House (60), Town Hall (60)

The Light Blues: Swan River (100), the Bell Tower (100), Fremantle Prison (120)

The Pinks: Patersons Stadium (140), the WACA (140), Perth Arena (160)

The Oranges: Hilarys Boat Harbour (180), Adventure World (180), Sci-Tech (200)

The Reds: Karrinyup Shopping Centre (220), ENEX 100 (220), Carillon City (240)

The Yellows: Cottesloe Beach (260), Rottnest Island (260), Scarborough Beach (280)

The Greens: Perth Zoo (300), UWA (300), Crown Perth (320)

The Dark Blues: Fremantle Markets (350), Kings Park (400)

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