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The most comfortable fitted earphones we've tried

You know that annoying thing when you’re really getting into music and one of your earphones pops out just before that excellent bit of the song? Well you needn’t worry with Yurbud earphones.

The phones are fitted with ‘Twistlock technology’ to secure the earbuds in the ears, basically ‘locking’ them into the ear so they only come out when you want them too. And funnily enough, the silicone grip is actually softer and more comfortable than any other earphones padded with fabric that we’ve tried.

And now, to the rather odd bit. The text on the pack we trialled reads ‘developed for women’ and that blew us away because we had no idea the insides of ears are different from men to women. Still, this writer is all-male and is enjoying his Yurbuds more than the original phones that came with the ol’ iPod.

As it turns out these are a special model designed for women, since women generally have smaller ears than men (no jokes about my ears please).

Did we mention these nifty phones are sweat and water resistant, too?

Try them yourself – and ditch those well-worn, scuffed ones.

Yurbuds retail from $44 – $100 and are available from Rebel Sport and Myer stores, or online from yurbuds.com.au.

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