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Napster reborn as a music streaming service

You might remember a naughty company by the name of Napster which opened the floodgates to online music piracy in the early Zeroes. Of course legal parties caught up with them and Napster were hit with over $35 million worth of damages – mostly copyright settlements.

Well after a hell of a lot of legal battles, and several changes in ownership (at one stage it was owned by an adult entertainment company), Napster is now in the hands of a company called Rhapsody.

But here’s the punchline: Rhapsody are now touting Napster as the next big thing in online music streaming services, relaunching it and opening it for business to compete with the likes of Pandora and iTunes Radio.

‘Napster Radio’ will allow users to access specialty music playlists and even skip between songs (both functions also available on competitor streaming sites).

Whether or not Napster Radio will survive in an already over-saturated market is dependent on the attitude of music streamers: will we be able to put aside the ‘bad guys’ reputation that is engrained in our minds and give yet another music streaming service a go, or do we have enough already with more ‘trusted’ brands?

Anyway, only time will tell.


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