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The ever-brilliant Arctic Monkeys to tour Oz

They made it to number 4 on Rock Candy’s list of Best Albums Of 2013 for their very brilliant ‘AM’ LP, and now comes the smashing news that British band Arctic Monkeys are coming to town to rock it out live for us.

While there are UK bands that are so stuck in their ‘ironic’ Union-Jack-bandying ways, you kind of tire of ’em after a while (we certainly don’t like listening to Blur like we used to). But Arctic Monkeys have got a kind of all-the-world’s-a-bit-wasted-really swagger about them that practically makes you forget they’re British.

Rather, these guys have universal appeal in spades, most evident on last year’s hit single ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ (the lyric “crawling back to you; ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?” might have been the ringtone on every girl’s mobile phone after she’d broken up with that guy who’s just not good for her).

Elsewhere on their latest album the Monkeys traverse just about every musical genre, from gritty rock (‘R U Mine’), doo wop (‘No. 1 Party Anthem’), psychedelia (‘Mad Sounds’ is like the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ for a meth age), glam (‘I Want It All’ is T-Rex on Ritalin), even boy-band pop (‘One For The Road’). And to think, these are all songs on one LP! Go back to the boys’ debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ and you’ll really hear where all the hot fuss is about.

Nuff said. Catch these guys live when they head to our shores. You won’t be disappointed.

Tickets to Arctic Monkeys live are available through http://www.ticketek.com.au or by phoning 13 28 49.

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