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Big Day Out's big move

Organisers of the Big Day Out have announced a venue change, from Claremont Showgrounds to Arena Joondalup for the Perth leg of the festival taking place Sunday 2 February.

One of Australia’s longest running outdoor music festivals, every detail about the Big Day Out is very carefully considered and executed, so when there’s something as major as a venue change, you know it’s for good reason.

A primary reason cited has been problems with the Town of Claremont in recent years, with locals often complaining about the ‘noise’ that goes on from midday to late in the evening.

The City of Joondalup, however, according to BDO organisers, are more “forward thinking and progressive”.

“This is one of Australia’s premier outdoor music events,” said VenuesWest Chairman, Graham Partridge, in a release yesterday. “and we have worked hard with promoters to ensure the Arena Joondalup is the premier location for outdoor music in Western Australia.”

All purchased tickets, of course, remain valid.

Big Day Out, Perth is on Sunday 2 February at Arena Joondalup, Kennedya Drive, Joondalup. For more info, visit www.bigdayout.com. Crowd photography by Simone Harle.

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