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Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dead from drug overdose

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died tragically on the weekend (Sunday, AEST time), presumably from an overdose of heroin. His body was found in his Greenwich Village, New York apartment by friend, author and director David Katz.

Investigators reported that a syringe was still stuck in Seymour Hoffman’s left forearm, while beside him lay two plastic envelopes with what appeared to be heroin inside. Five other empty plastic envelopes were found in a bin nearby.

The actor’s battle with drugs was not news to industry folk. Indeed, he went public in a 2006 interview with ‘60 Minutes’, admitting he had been on and off recreational drugs and prescription pills since his early twenties.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s acting credentials are extensive and include potent roles in ‘Doubt’, ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’, ‘Scent Of A Woman’, ‘Boogie Nights’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Master’, and of course his Academy Award-winning lead performance in ‘Capote’.

He leaves behind three children – a son and two daughters – whom he fathered with long-term partner, Mimi O’Donnell.

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