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Keen on getting into a bit of DJ-ing?

There once was a time when kids commonly had aspirations to become rock stars. Not so anymore, with ‘being a DJ’ becoming a more popular response to the question: What do you want to when you grow up?

Whether you’re keen to do a little disc-spinning or to turn DJ-ing into a fulltime career, you should be interested in the annual event that is ‘Your Shot’.

Conceived in 2010 by dance music aficionado Steve Pillemer, ‘Your Shot’ aims to give kids that flock to music festivals and DJ gigs the chance to become a king (or queen) disc-spinner themselves.

Pillemer set out to create the very first DJ competition where absolutely no DJ experience was necessary, providing a select group of contestants with full DJ training and the chance to perform at some of the biggest festivals around the world.

Fast forward five years, and ‘Your Shot’ receives more registrations than Australian Idol and X-Factor (Fact!) while continuing to unearth some of Australia’s most exciting and innovative DJ talent.

Oh, and will you have a look at the prizes? Each state winner scores their own set at Stereosonic Music Festival as well as flying overseas to perform at some of the world’s hottest destinations, including BPM in Mexico, Snowbombing in Austria, Paradise Club in Mykonos and Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles. And for the first time in 2014, each Your Shot winner will score a mentoring session with one of the world’s most renowned DJ/Producers, Tiësto.
So what are you waiting for? You’ve got to be in it to win it. Entry information is available at http://www.yourshot.com.au.


See the ‘Your Shot’ promo video here.

And for registration info and updates, visit facebook.com/yourshot.


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