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Six fab facts about the new 'Godzilla'

The latest filmic version of ‘Godzilla’ is soon to hit the big screen. Cream presents six interesting bits of info about our favourite scaled freak…


01. What’s in a name?

The name ‘Godzilla’ doesn’t come from where many people suspect – a derivative of ‘God’ – but rather is a combination of two Japanese words: ‘gorira’ meaning ‘gorilla’, and ‘kujira’ meaning ‘whale’, together forming ‘gojira’. In the original concept of Godzilla, the monster was presented “bulky as a whale” and “strong as a gorilla”. The very Japanese-sounding ‘gojira’ eventually evolved into ‘Godzilla’, while geeks have taken the liberty of christening the monster with even a ‘species’ name: ‘Godzillasaurus’. Other nicknames given to Godzilla around the globe include ‘Kings of Monsters’, ‘Gigantis’, ‘Monster of Justice’, ‘The Big G’, ‘G-Man’, and ‘The Big Gray Gecko’.


02. An even bigger monster

The latest filmic incarnation of Godzilla was designed with one main brief in mind: “as a real creature” so viewers will enjoy seeing something that looks very much like a giant real animal onscreen. The new Godzilla’s appearance draws on original illustrations of the creature from the 1950s – more ‘fleshed out’ and ‘less robotic’. According to the film’s special effects chief, Jim Rygiel, the mechanics of Godzilla’s fighting style is based on the study of animals, namely bears and Komodo dragons, while elements of the faces of bears, dogs and eagles were all incorporated into the design of Godzilla’s face. The new Godzilla is the tallest ever, at 350 feet high.


03. The monster’s original ‘roar’ has been revived

The very original Godzilla ‘roar’ was revamped for the movie. Toho (the creature’s original design group) provided the original recording of the roar for use, with sound designer Erik Aadahl adding audio effects and distortion to it.


04. There are new mutant creatures in the mix

An ensemble of fresh creatures co-star with Godzilla in the new flick, most notably the ‘Mutos’ who boast giant hands and fingers separated by considerable length as well as long-gilding wings, very long hind legs, and jet-red eyes. ‘MUTO’ is an acronym for ‘Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism’.


05. A killer soundtrack

The soundtrack really sets the pace of the film, the soundtrack to the new ‘Godzilla’ has been described as “non-stop fortissimo” – which basically means lots of heavy brass, and a build-up of eclectic drums sounds from around the world. The name of musical pieces on the soundtrack set the agenda for a film that builds from ‘underground’ to over-the-top, starting with titles like ‘Inside The Mines’ and ‘The Power Plant’ and moving into destructive descriptions like ‘Airport Attack’ and ‘Vegas Aftermath’. Not to want to throw a spoiler out there, the final song is ‘Back To The Ocean’ which hints that authorities will ultimately see the gigantic creature posited back into its original home waters.


06. Greatest amount of merchandising

In a ‘Variety’ magazine report of late last year, the film’s production houses Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment revealed they’d assembled a large team of partners to make licensed merchandise to be released in conjunction with the film. There’s be battery-operated miniature toys, large-scale figures, Godzilla costumes (even Onesies!), collectible statues, and a ‘novelization’, written by sci-fi writer Greg Cox set for publication this month. A tie-in game for mobile devices has also just been released: Godzilla Smash 3.


‘Godzilla’ hits screens May 15.

To view the trailer, click here.

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