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A true taste of Italy

There is so much more to Italian cooking than just pasta and pizza. Indeed, each of Italy’s distinct regions boasts a unique style of cuisine that adopts ingredients specific to its geography and history.

Sicilian cooking, for example, includes plenty of tomato, citrus and stone fruits, as well as spices brought in by the Spanish, Greeks and Arabs. Further north, in regions like Lombardy and Piemonte, darker dishes are replaced with lighter ones – quite literally – to include white risottos and polentas, their culinary influences stemming from nearby Austria and central Europe. Then there is Venice, once the most important trading port in all of Europe, whose cuisine is a splendid multicultural result of all the nations whose boats have passed through it.

For 12 years, Maurizio Restaurant in Perth has hosted its extensive culinary journey ‘Il Giro D’Italia’, providing diners with the truest taste possible of Italian cuisine. Every second Saturday (weekly in July and September), the restaurant’s menu is tailored specifically to one region, with chefs selecting the best dishes representative of a given area and presenting these in fine degustation format.

Already proven popular since the 2014 series began in March have been menus designed to represent Tuscany, Campania and Puglia, with Marche, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Basilicata and Sicily next up on their culinary calendar.

For a full list of the dedicated regions for the remainder of the year, refer to our sidebar or for more information visit www.mauriziorestaurant.com.



Maurizio Restaurant is situated at 235 Fitzgerald Street, Perth. Booking and enquiries on (08) 9228 1646.

Please see the full list of remaining Giro D’Italia evenings below the next image.




A culinary journey through the regions of Italy

May 24 – Basilicata

June 7 – Sicily

July 5 – Molise

July 12 – Emilia Romagna

July 19 – Trentino Alto Adige

August 2 – Abruzzo

August 16 – Piemonte & Valle D’Aosta

August 30 – Calabria

September 13 – Lazio

September 20 – Liguria

September 27 – Veneto

October 4 – Umbria

October 18 – Sardegna

November 1 – Lombardia

November 15 – Grand Finale


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