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Madge & Katy get their kink on (or how Madonna taught Katy Perry to whip fans into a frenzy)


Say what you will about Madonna, the woman is cunning when it comes to remaining relevant. While the 55-year-old has been fairly quiet on the music front, she’s back in the headlines and up to her kinky and controversial tricks again.

Posing for this month’s cover of US fashion bible ‘V’, alongside Katy Perry (well, more like on top of and underneath Katy Perry), Madge has once again reaffirmed her position as the queen of pop.

Yes, it might take roping in a more commercially successful musical pawn to set the record straight (Katy’s had an impressively massive year with the success of her ‘Prism’ album and world tour), but in just about every photograph by the talented Steven Klein it’s Madonna’s presence that burns brighter. Heck, even when Katy gets her ‘own’ version of a cover, it’s Maddie’s jutting legs (akimbo behind her) that stick out like, well, jutting legs.

So far as any actual new music from the Material Girl goes, it’s been hinted that producer Nile Rodgers may be back on board to work on Madonna’s next album (he was responsible for the brilliant production that was ‘Like A Virgin’), while DJ Avicii was recently spotted in the studio working on a couple of songs for the LP.

Madonna’s forthcoming (13th) studio album will serve as the follow-up to 2012’s ‘MDNA’, which reached number one in the US, UK and Australia.

Katy Perry, meanwhile, continues to sell out concerts across the country.   Antonino Tati

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