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Sydney Dance deliver all manner of moves in one short hour

Having already seen a host of productions by the Sydney Dance Company, I must admit at first I wasn’t terribly excited to be seeing the group’s one-hour show ‘2 One Another’, on in Perth this week, even though I had read reviews of its successful tours (from NSW to the US to Russia) and was aware it had scooped a swagful of awards along the way.

I put my nonchalance down to desensitisation – knowing I was a spoilt patron of dance-slash-theatre who’d pretty much “seen it all”. Until last night’s show, that is.

With choreography from talented staple artistic director Rafael Bonachela, variety is evidently key. From the very first ‘robot’ move of each dancer – all 16 of them – through sultry ballet-esque steps (looking like having been sped up for a modern techno market) to militant-like marching, the Company proved that dance productions impress most when varieties of the art-form are unexpectedly married.

Which brings us to the performance’s title: ‘2 One Another’. While it might connote that this is a show about romance between two lovers, it is in fact about interaction between individuals scattered within society in general.

While no props are used on stage, the dancers’ non-stop moves are enough to reveal a kind of ‘life in the modern world as we know it’ display of busy-ness and business, be it between workers, players or lovers.

The production is performed in front of a giant pixelated backdrop that initially looks like the basic mobile video game, Snake (you know, the one that comes free with some mobile phones), with the graphics becoming more and more complex and erratic as the intensity of the production increases.

Simultaneously, the music shifts from rhythmic to symphonic to industrial grind, all juxtaposed with poetry by Samuel Webster which, to be honest, could have been more loudly projected to stand out amid the occasional cacophony.

Still, all these elements – music, video, lighting, spoken word, and of course dance – work wonderfully well together in what is ultimately a very original production, suddenly making me excited again to see the next big thing from SDC.

Although, please, make it more than an hour-long next time!


‘2 One Another’ is on at His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth, from now until June 21.

Tickets are available through www.ticketek.com.au.

Pictured, Sydney Company Dancers, Juliette Barton and Andrew Crawford in ‘2 One Another’ (Photograph by Ken Butti).

For a preview click here.


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