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Madonna rocks up for jury duty… fashionably late, of course

If you think pop stars get excused when it comes to ‘normal folk’ obligations like jury duty, think again.

Possibly the biggest music icon of several generations running, 55-year-old Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, otherwise known as ‘Madge’, was called to jury duty three times this year; making excuses (like there rest of us try and do) for the first two times, then finally sitting in on duty this week, after her third call.

Suffice to say, the pop queen did rock up 30 minutes later than everybody else, making the other ‘normal folk’ wait impatiently.

A fellow juror, Professor Marianne Pita, said Madge’s delay was “pretty outrageous” and expressed it wasn’t fair that everybody else had to follow strict rules while Madonna didn’t.

One attorney said she wasn’t content that the pop singer would be part of the jury panel (actually, she had her own private box), insisting that Madge would be a distraction to the proceedings.

But the oddest thing is what Madonna wore to court: dressed in black head-to-toe (like she was going to a funeral) but with stacks of heavy metal chains around her neck (like she was guest-starring in a rap video) – the metal, of course, having been detected by security and, yes, delaying further the star’s entrance.


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