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Madonna Vogue Still 1320

Further to the passing of Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall on Tuesday, it is with a soft (sad) spot and a desperate desire to deliver some pop cultural trivia to you that we announce all 16 movie icons namedropped in Madonna’s hit song ‘Vogue’ have now passed. Gone. Kaput. Strike Struck a pose. Faded to black.

The song was released in March 1990, with Greta Garbo dying one month later (Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and a few of the other icons had already gone). Almost a quarter of a century after the single’s release, Bacall was the final one to go.

The video itself (above) paid tribute to the cinematic style of Hollywood’s Golden Age, albeit shot entirely in black-and-white, with Madge dollied up and coiffed in various guises akin to her idols.

Here’s a list of those icons, including the date of their passing. Rest In Peace, beauties.

Oh, and by the way, it’s Madge’s birthday tomorrow, so Happy B’day woman.  Antonino Tati



Greta Garbo et al

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