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Putting genuine delight back into Turkish Delight

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You know that positive feeling you get when you know you’re eating something that’s good for you? And you know that positive feeling you get when you’re tasting something absolutely delish? Well imagine those feelings combined?

Yep, that’s double the fuzzy-wuzzy feel-good, satisfying sensation. And when we tried Vegan Made Delights’ Turkish Delight recently, that’s precisely what we felt.

Made with love from only the best natural ingredients such as raw cane sugar and cocoa, and only natural flavours and no colouring – you’ll feel twice as good yourself indulging in their Chocolate & Rose Turkish Delight or Chocolate & Pomegranate Turkish Delight. Yum. Yum.

They’re vegan-friendly, naturally-made, dairy-free, gelatine-free, GM-free and palm-oil-free. Goodness, what more could you want in a sweet?  Lisa Andrews


For orders or stockists visit www.veganmadedelights.com.au – and while you’re there, take advantage of their occasional discount codes available through the site!

VMD Rose & Pom New

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