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8 out of 10 people overwhelmed about spending the rest of their lives with the same partner

VictoriaMilan @2x

Recent studies reveal spouses are in a ‘new panic’  for committing to spending their entire life with their partner.

A survey conducted by Victoria Milan –  “a dating website for attached people looking to cheat” – saw an overwhelming  86% of respondents thought spending the rest of their lives with just one  person a daunting prospect.

One of the primary reasons behind the panic,  according to the majority of the 7,684 respondents was the effect of longer  life expectancy – suddenly making them feel afraid of the notion of “till  death do us part”.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said these results suggest  that staying in the same marriage in the past was definitely easier.

“The majority of our members (65%) believe that,  previously, people were more committed and faithful to their relationships  than now,” Vedal said. “Not only was the life span shorter, but there  was much less temptation.

“Times have changed: we have access to technology  that makes meeting and cheating easier; there’s a more open approach to sex;  and divorce and separation are no longer taboo. These are all things that  make a lifetime commitment stressful.”  Michael Mastess


01. Does thinking you are going to spend your life with the same partner  overwhelm you and lead you to cheat?
Yes, it affects me – 86%
No, I don’t think about it – 14%

02. How long have you been with your partner?
1 – 5 years – 15%
5 – 10 years – 18%
10 – 15 years – 25%
15 – 20 years – 9%
20 – 25 years – 8%
25 – 30 years – 13%
30 – 35 years – 7%
35 – 45 years – 2%
45 – 50 years – 3%

03. Do you believe that previously people were more committed and more  faithful than now?
Yes – 65%
No – 35%

04. Does living longer nowadays in general add tension to a steady relationship  as we stress more about the fact that we will spend too many years with the  same person?
Yes – 72%
No – 28%

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