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Legal high: pseudo cannabis in an e-cigarette!

It was bound to hit sooner or later. Dutch company E-njoint recently unveiled a new vaping product akin to e-cigarettes, but with the flavour and smell of authentic cannabis.

Dubbed the E-njoint, the cannabis-flavoured stick is 100 percent legal and provides a mild high to smokers who otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to smoke cannabis where they live.

When the world’s first electric joint was launched in 2014 it contained only natural fruit flavours, but over the past 12 months the company has been developing a unique, authentic “cannabis experience” in secret, working with leading research labs in Europe and the United States.

Through its research, the company learned that the organic compounds that give cannabis its aroma and flavour – known as terpenes – also help augment the different highs associated with various strains of cannabis. With this recently launched new formulation it expects to cause “a small revolution in the smoking scene, and ought to wake up puritan governments and authorities”, according to a recent press release.

Because the E-njoint contains no THC, CBD, nicotine, tar or toxins, it’s completely legal and – best of all – safe.

Say ‘hi’ to a new kind of high.  Antonino Tati


The E-njoint is available in various ‘flavours’ including ‘Sensual’, ‘Relief’, ‘Focus’, ‘Drowsy’, ‘Daydream’ and ‘Canna-Booster’. To purchase online visit www.e-njoint.com.

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