Review: Guinness World Records 2016

This year’s Guinness is as bold a tome as any, packed with not only stacks of mind-boggling record-breaking, but also factoids about everything from the animal kingdom to human quirks, religion to war, sex to sports, the developing world to outer-space. Did you know, for example, that the largest manned space capsule was only launched into space in December last year and that it carried the most number of astronauts? Or, that if you stacked every Oreo ever made, the cookie stack would reach the moon and back more than six times? Now that’s a lot of dough...

Sure, there are some random subjects – such as two pages on ‘Pirates’ and double-page spread on ‘Balloonatics’, but these make the casual reading aspect so much more fun.

There’s even a bumped-up section focusing on Media and Leisure with bonus focus on gaming the Internet and – no surprise here – apps. Plus, to keep things even more digitally relevant, there are links to behind-the-scenes footage along with bonus image galleries and record-holder interviews on the website

But don’t be a sneaky miser and figure you’re going to get all the good stuff on the web. True trainspotters ought to invest in this big, fat gloriously-packed hardcopy format of the ‘Book’.  Antonino Tati


‘Guinness World Records 2016’ is available in hardback RRP $42.99 through quality physical and online bookstores.

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