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Could this be why Spanish men have such good skin?

Germaine-de-Capuccini @2x

Although it’s only been shipped to Australian shores relatively recently, Spanish skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini has had a reputation for ages for being one of the best brands in skincare throughout Europe. So reputable, you’ll wonder why it’s taken so long to get to us. Last year saw the company celebrating 50 years in the beauty business, which means its products must be doing something right!

Suddenly available in over 65 spas and salons Australia-wide, Germaine de Capuccini offers an extensive range of professional and at-home products that provide the most innovative anti-ageing solutions for both women and men. And blokes will find the men’s range so streamlined and easy-to-use, it beats fussy brands hands-down.

For-Men-Force-Revive51 @2x

Our pick of their men’s products? The Force Revive Youthfulness Recovery Concentrate (pictured above, RRP $143.50) – just a couple of drops of this gel and you’ll notice skin improvement from the very first application, thanks to the magic of zinc-glycine mixed with vitamin C. Oh, and we love the simple Energy Eyes Anti-Fatigue Serum (RRP $77.00): a beaut formula that with a couple of simple rolls helps reduce puffiness and wrinkles, leaving a revitalised look beneath your peepers.

Suffice to say, if you think Spanish blokes have got pretty good skin, start looking at the men’s beauty products that come out of their homeland…  Michael Mastess


For stockists visit germaine-de-capuccini.com.au.

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