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Six Things We Quite Like About ‘Jurassic World’ – now available to download

Jurassic World Final Main @2x

There was plenty of hype surrounding it’s cinema release a few months ago. About 22 years of pre-promotion, really, since that’s how long ago the first Jurassic flick hit cinema screens. Cream looks at our 6 fave things of the latest release in the franchise, now available on Digital EST, and soon available on other home entertainment formats (see end of article).  Michael Mastess


01. The special FX don’t overshadow the storyline.

Sure, the storyline is somewhat over-the-top – that a dinosaur theme park clones giant hybrid creatures, giving them names like “” and “”, then seeing them taking over the park (again) but at least it’s an evolved storyline (pun intended) that hasn’t been sacrificed in the name of big-bucks effects. Mind you, the FX are still here – in fact they’re hugely present (pun intended again) – but not in an imposing way like, say, with the last Transformers film…



02. Bryce Dallas Howard looks hot, hot, hot!

Director Ron Howard’s little girl has all grown up and gets her glamour on for this flick. She struts her stuff in couture clothing (actually, only the one dress throughout the entire film but it’s a killer frock), managing to wield weapons and kill baddie dinos in her high heels, and pulling off a bob and bangs better than any gal on celluloid in recent times. Okay, so when her gets wet she suddenly looks like Taylor Swift, but what’s so wrong with that?



03. There’s eye-candy in the male department, too.

That’s right, Owen Pratt certainly puts the ‘recreation’ back into ‘parks and recreation’ thanks to his buffed-up bod popping out of tight, tight tees and jeans. His character is also quick with a joke (and a rarely cheesy one) and he’s willing to share the ‘hero’ tactics with the aforementioned Bryce.

Jurassic Cr 02 @2x


04. Vincent D’Onofrio’s bad guy gets his comeuppance as you’d expect

We won’t tell you at what point in the film the conniving war-mongerer gets chomped but it is at a very unexpected moment… so hold onto your seats.



05. The references to the original Jurassic Park flick are pretty retro-cool

There are several scenes where characters delve into the ‘fossilised’ remains of the park as it once was – complete with clumpy four-wheel-drives that still rumble on demand, and that familiar branding / signage of yesteryear.



06. The bonus features on Blu-ray and DVD are huge!

Bonus features on Blu-ray include deleted scenes, featurettes ‘Chris & Colin take on the World’, ‘Welcome to Jurassic World’, ‘Dinosaurs Roam Once Again’ and an ‘innovation centre tour’ with actor Chris Pratt. Bonus features on DVD include deleted scenes and the featurette ‘Chris & Colin take on the World’. So even if fans have seen the flick on the big screen, there’s plenty of new stuff to, er, sink your teeth into.


‘Jurassic World’ is now available to own on Digital EST.

It will be available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD from October 15, 2015 (including special box sets).

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