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A brilliant horror mini-series in ‘The Enfield Haunting’

The Enfield Haunting @2x

Inspired by the world’s most documented poltergeist incident, The Enfield Haunting – adapted from Guy Lyon Playfair’s book “This House is Haunted,” is a chilling, three-part drama series based on the terrifying and bizarre real events that took place at an ordinary house in 1977.

At the heart of the story is Janet Hodgson, an 11 year-old girl terrorized by the paranormal activity permeating every room… or so she’d like everyone to believe; especially Maurice Grosse, the doting researcher who goes to great lengths to protect her from the strange, dark forces in hopes of making peace with his own daughter’s untimely death.

What is so good about this mini-series is its production values – no expense has been spared to make the scenes and indeed mis-en-scene appear authentically ’70s. That said, special FX – at least in a CGI sense – have been avoided so that spooky happenings occur in-camera – lending even more credence to the aesthetic.

All round a good a horror production as some of the best of them, from The Exorcist to The Conjuring – only even more believable!  Michael Mastess


‘The Enfield Haunting’ is out now on DVD through eOne Home Entertainment. View the trailer here.


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