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For cyclists, their bikes are their haven. When you are on the road, having the wind going through your hair is like no other feeling in the world. What more could you want? Well, in 2016, we want to rock your cycling world. Whether you cycle in competitions or you do it as a casual activity like going to work or doing weekend rides, we want you to revamp your bike so you can enhance the thrill of the ride in 2016. Below we have listed some of the top cycling gadgets on offer in 2016.
The Copenhagen Wheel.

Innovators have actually reinvented the wheel. The Copenhagen wheel turns your bike into a hybrid electric bike. The wheel is synced with an application that you can download to your smartphone. The wheel learns about your pedalling cadence and stores energy, which can be used to make you pedal faster and climb hills easier. The design has been welcomed by cyclists since it eases the exertion required for people that cycle to work, leaving them dry and making cycling more enjoyable by taking away the difficulty with navigating long distances and steep hills. The technology was developed by students from MIT along with the city of Copenhagen, which boasts one of the largest cycling communities in the world. You can see the wheel in action by clicking on the video above.


The Hydra Smart Bottle
Have you ever considered having a bottle that could do almost anything? That’s exactly what’s happening with the Hydra Smart bottle, which could be the Swiss Army knife of bottles. Their mission is to allow people to bring modern creature comforts along for the ride. Their main feature is a Bluetooth speaker that is built into the bottle cap and that can be synced with your smartphone. The bottle also has frosted LED lights to illuminate the surroundings. Further developments are being made to allow the cyclist to take phone calls through the bottle device while cycling. The overall features of the bottle increase the awareness of the cyclists to others that are on the road, thus making riding safer for the cyclist.


Protect your bike from theft with Linka
Unfortunately, bike theft is rife in this world. Statistics say that there is a bike stolen once every two minutes. You can take preventative action by using a gadget like Linka, which is an auto unlocking device that is mounted to your frame. Additionally, the device comes with an audible alarm and alerts attempted theft to your smartphone. The device can be unlocked with your smartphone or with a four digit passcode.


Improve your night visibility with LED lights
You want to have confidence that you can see where you are going in the dark. To have this confidence, you need a light that illuminates your path brightly so you can see the path ahead of you. You can make your night cycle more worry free by checking out the LED lights are available from LED Torches Australia.


Enhance your cycling eyewear with Recon Jet

Ever thought about evolving to the future with some Dragon Ball Z eyewear technology? Recon Jet is the solution. The glasses boast a camera and syncs data with your smartphone.


The cycling community is dedicated to making this historic activity more fun. With so many cool gadgets available on the market, you can revamp your bike to become the coolest one on your block. Take your cycling to the next level with these cool gadgets. What are you waiting for? Get on yer bike, son!  Eada Hudes

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