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‘Dirty Grandpa’ throws political correctness right out the window

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Seeing its title alone, you’d think you’ve seen or heard of this flick a long time ago. Perhaps it was something starring Johnny Knoxville? But, no, ‘Dirty Grandpa’ is brand new on the silver screen, yet still as about over-the-top as any movie that might star naughty Knoxville.

Just when you think cinema couldn’t push censor boundaries comes this trashy flick headed up by Robert De Niro (as the grandpa in the title) and Zac Efron as his do-gooder grandson (for the most part).

The plot is pretty simple. Insane. But simple. It starts at the funeral of De Niro’s wife – Efron’s grandmother. All condolences appear fairly standard, until grandpa convinces his grandson he’s got to go on a leisurely mission to Boca, because it’s what Gran said he should do.

Efron’s character is about to get married so he doesn’t really want to go, but somehow he’s sucked into it and off on a roadtrip the unlikely duo go, where things are about to get really bumpy.


‘Dirty Grandpa’ is packed with the sort of shenanigans you normally see in B-grade teen flicks (from ‘Animal House’ to ‘Piranha’ and beyond). That most of the shenanigans are delivered by grand-daddy De Niro himself seems strange to witness at first, but the viewer does get used to them and – lack of political correctness aside (way aside) – this is actually a very, very funny flick. De Niro’s ‘gravitas’ from a long history of credible cinema also suddenly makes a B-grade genre into an A-class one. Strange, but true.  Antonino Tati


‘Dirty Grandpa’ is in cinemas now.

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