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Twitter celebrates its 10th birthday

Twitter Birthday Evolution Body Image @2x

Do you remember when you turned 10? Probably not, but your parents most likely do.

At 10 years of age you were likely in Grade Four or Five, only just getting to practice social networking. And by that we mean social networking the old-fashioned way – getting along with kids in the playground, putting your teachers into Like and Don’t Like categories…

Well, something rather pertinent is turning 10 today: Twitter! And let’s just say the bird has its new-school social networking skills down-pat.

The birth of Twitter is marked each year on March 21, the date founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent his very first Tweet, which read simply “just setting up my twttr”.

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed the introduction of the #hashtag, the 140-character Tweet, and the power of online conversational trending. Indeed, Twitter has evolved and permeated nearly every aspect of our culture in Australia, from business and politics, to entertainment and sport.

In celebration of Twitter’s 10th anniversary, we present the evolution of the Twitter bird (image top of story) and some interesting pop cultural stats, such as these:


Most Retweeted Tweet:
That famous celebrity group selfie at The Oscars.
@TheEllenShow with 3.3 million retweets.


Most Mentioned Person:
Justin Bieber (but we’re still not sure why).
@justinbieber with 943 million mentions.


Fastest Tweet To Reach Followers:
Caitlyn Jenner’s big trans announcement.
@caitlyn_jenner reached 1million followers within four hours and three minutes.


Total Tweet Likes On Just About Every Subject:
250 billion.


See more Twitter By Numbers below. And happy birthday, little birdy!  Antonino Tati


TwitterByTheNumbers @2x

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