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You can't keep a good superhero (or two) down

Image 01 - Batman vs Superman Art

While Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice is getting mixed reviews from critics and public alike, it’s still going great guns at the box office. On the merchandising front, not only are Batman and Superman paraphernalia, clothing, toys and so on selling like hotcakes, but our Marvel superheroes are infiltrating everything from the art scene to online gaming.

In spirit of the release of the latest Marvel-mash movie, U.S. street artist Mr Brainwash has created limited edition screen-prints featuring our favourite caped crusaders, with Wonder Woman, too, thrown into the pop-art mix (see image above). Mr Brainwash is renowned for taking pop cultural icons and splashing them onto the streets, then taking that street aesthetic – literally – and popping it back on canvas.

Toy brand, Funko, has released ‘Pop! Heroes’, a two-pack of toys featuring bobblehead figures of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. The same company has previously unleashed bobbleheads of The Arrow Unmasked, The Flash Unmasked, Captain America Unmasked and an X-Force Deadpool range.

Image 04 - Superhero T-shirts

With a host of new Marvel-inspired movies slated for this year, including Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse (both out in May), Suicide Squad (August), and Doctor Strange and Sinister Six (both in November), you can expect these artists and online outlets continuing to spread the comic book love.

No wonder that with this great marvel movies success, you can access plenty of websites which offers free and informal marvel versions, like the Captain America online slots version on SlotsHeaven. They offer online casino games whose central stars stem from the pages of Marvel Comics. These include Spiderman and the Green Goblin, The Incredible Hulk, and of course Iron Man all available. Each game boasts the slickest of graphics, as brilliant as the original comics themselves, and each character is officially licensed by the site.

And of course, what would a slew of merchandise be without a wardrobe of cool t-shirts to choose from? While old-school comic fans might prefer the looser, original cotton tees on their back for comfort and retro factor, new-school fans are opting for a tighter fit, practically emulating the torsos of their heroes. Check out these tight tees via aliexpress.com, ranging from Green Lantern motifs through Spiderman, Flash Gordon, Wonder Woman and, naturally, Superman and Batman.  Michael Mastess



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