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Madonna and Gaga to co-star in Hollywood classic remake

M G E @2x

It’s a telefilm match made in heaven. Or hell, depending on how you look at it.

Madonna and Lady Gaga are reportedly in talks to co-star in a remake of the classic bitch-fest film All About Eve.

The plot in the film is basically about a fledgling starlet who soon overtakes her idol and mentor’s superstar status – so, naturally, it’s perfect typecasting.

Tension between Madonna and Lady Gaga has always been evident.

Gaga did once say, “As a punk-rocker from New York, I’ve basically been hoping that I would become so good, that one day I would piss off Madonna!” while Madonna has gone on record to call Gaga’s art and music “reductive”.

Also, you just need to look at the Comments section beneath any YouTube fan post of either pop icon to see a swathe of vitriol in responses from the “other army”.

Production for All About Eve will presumably begin once Madonna has recovered from the exhaustion (we’re pretty sure) of her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour, and once Gaga has tied the knot with her beau.

One thing’s for certain; to see Madonna in the role of Bette Davis’ ailing character, and Gaga get all cocky in Anne Baxter’s role, well, that’ll be priceless.  Antonino Tati


‘All About Eve’ is scheduled to be shown through Netflix.

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