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Choosing your signature scent



There is something truly special about perfume; a gentle fragrance left behind which lingers long after you have left a room. A scent that you can be remembered by or an image that you create for others. As the saying goes “You are never fully dressed without perfume” (C. Joybell C.).

Fragrances have existed for thousands of years with the first use of perfume dating back to ancient Egypt. Almost every country has its own story and history relating to perfumes. In England, Queen Elizabeth was the first to order that all public places be scented.

Interestingly, perfumes were once created by the ladies themselves, giving them a real personal touch. Now, we no longer need to create our own personal fragrances, there are hundreds of options available to us. But for some people, having so much choice can be a little overwhelming. With so much variety – floral, fruity, sweet, woody, oceanic, oriental to name a few – how do you choose the right fit? How do you choose a signature scent that will embody your personality and style? We’ve put together five fabulous tips for choosing the perfect fragrance.


Pick a scent that means something to you
If you think back, you will find that most of your fondest memories will be associated with a fragrance or scent. Perhaps it is the perfume that a loved family member such as your mother used to wear or the perfume you decided to wear for your first date. When you come across one of these iconic scents, all you have to do is simply close your eyes and you will be transported back in time.



Find your preferred fragrance families
Look back at each and every perfume that you have ever worn in your lifetime, you will probably find that most of them will fall into the same sections of the fragrance wheel. If you are unsure as to which fragrance family your previous perfumes belong to, doing your research online can be really useful. Most online fragrance stores will have all of the information such as the top, middle and base notes of a perfume and you will soon learn which notes and fragrance families you prefer.


Take your time
Take some time to hone in on which scents you are particularly attracted to, trying only three or four at a time so as to not confuse your senses. There is no rush in finding your signature scent, let it come naturally and don’t be afraid to be experimental in the types of perfume you look at, you may surprise yourself!


Let the perfume sit for a while
Once you have narrowed down the scents that you are most interested in, spritz a potential perfume onto a test strip and smell it before letting it sit for a few minutes. Notice that the perfume changes over time, as the top notes start to evaporate the middle notes will begin to come into play. Then after even more time has passed, you will reach the base note, this will linger for several hours and is the part of the perfume that is likely to hold the most memories.


Test it on your skin
If you find that you still love the scent, try it on and leave it for a few hours. Remember that this should be a scent you love, a scent that will say something about you and a scent that will be with you for many memorable moments during your life. Also, you may find that the perfume smells slightly different once it is applied onto the skin, it is also common for the same perfume to smell different on other people as it does on you.


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