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The 10 Best Casino Apps for Rainy Days

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On a rainy day when you feel like you need to take it easy for a while, just pick up your smartphone and download a casino app for some cool entertainment. You can either play for free or for real and you can choose to count on luck to determine the outcome or to use strategy to enhance your winning chances.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best casino apps for those boring, wet days…


Blackjack games

Blackjack is for those who like to think and learn strategy as they go. With a free blackjack app you can easily hone your skills and enjoy game after game with zero commitment. Blackjack games are very entertaining and a perfect choice when you want to relax on the couch but do something fun.


Roulette games

The excitement of the roulette wheel is universal. Use a smart roulette app and spin the wheel to see if your bet will win. With a European roulette table you get better odds and with great graphics you can truly forget about the gloomy weather outside.



Baccarat is considered a skill game by some, and it’s a fantastic choice if you know how to play poker and blackjack. This is the sort of game that James Bond would play, a nice thought to ponder when you get into the action and pick your bets.


Video poker games

Another skill game is video poker, the video version of this classical game being easier than joining a poker table in an online poker room. Play for free and learn more about poker hands in a relaxed way.


Pokies games

Who can resist a really cool slots machine? This game is all about having a good time, and with fast and fun pokies games you can make the sun shine in your heart again. With a good pokies games app you will find the best games and promotions and also learn more about new launches of high quality pokies.


Casino games

You don’t have to stick to one specific game. It is possible to download a casino games app that gives you all the best online casino games. When you have an app with casino games that you can play for free, you will always have a good activity for those stormy days that confine you to the indoors.



There are also apps that will give you real casino games with real money bets. This is riskier than the free apps but not a bad idea if you choose a safe real casino app that offers pokies, blackjack, poker, roulette and more.


Casino with Netent Games

If you are specifically looking for the Netent games for your phone and you want to download an app, you could choose a well reputed casino such as Mr Green Casino, which offers a casino app with awesome games and additional bonuses for more rounds.


Scratch Cards

A casino game that works beautifully on smaller screens is the scratch card game. This game is all about chance and it provides great entertainment. Play with fake money for the fun of it. When rain stops you from buying a scratch card in the kiosk you can easily download it to your phone instead!


Arcade Games

The arcade games are similar to scratch cards and are a good choice when you need some fast and fun entertainment. Choose an app with several games or download one single game that will last you till the sun come out of the clouds again.

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